Medico-Legal Fees

Mr Hawthorne is happy to discuss potential claims with solicitors and offers a ten minute verbal discussion of a matter without charge prior to instruction. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please email Mr Hawthorne at [email protected] with an outline of the facts in question.

Mr Hawthorne’s basic fee rate is £200 per hour plus the costs of any specialist examinations, tests, investigations. We can supply estimates for individual cases on request.

Report (including examination)

Basic Report (routine noise induced hearing loss, whiplash, broken nose, or other minor trauma), no relevant previous medical history and small volume of medical records. £370 – £700


Routine pure tone audiogram £70
Routine smell tests £70
Fibreoptic laryngoscopy (examination of throat) £190

Failure to Attend (D.N.A.)

If a claimant fails to attend an allocated appointment there will be a failure to attend charge, currently £55.

Invoice terms

Fees are payable on receipt of Mr Hawthorne’s report and payment can be made by cheque or electronic transfer (bank details can be obtained from Mr Hawthorne’s private secretary).