Private Patient Standard Charge Rates

Standard Charge Rates

New Consultation (eg: New GP Referral) £140
Follow-up Consultation £90
Extended Review Appointment – 45 minutes £140
Pre-Operative Consultation £90
In-Patient Care (not associated with an operation) per day £125
Post-Operative Consultation £90


Routine pure tone audiogram £65
Routine smell tests £67
Fibreoptic laryngoscopy (examination of throat) (the hospital will charge an additional fee for providing the scope) £90

Failure to Attend (D.N.A.)

Should a patient fail to attend for their appointment, they will be charged a failed to attend fee, currently £55.

Insurance & Payment

Payment can be made by cash or cheque or by electronic transfer (bank details can be obtained from Mr Hawthorne’s private secretary).

Should you wish your treatment to be funded by a private insurance policy (such as BUPA) then please ensure you have obtained any relevant authorisation needed prior to your appointment.  Furthermore, should you wish your bills to be sent direct to your insurers, please ensure you notify Mr Hawthorne’s private office of your insurance details and any relevant authorisation number.

Patients (or the patient’s parent or guardian) are respectfully reminded that they are personally responsible for the payment of their treatment should their insurers fail to pay.  It is therefore the patient’s own responsibility to ensure the treatment received is covered by their policy.